Haslar Hospital Snooker Room and Coasters Cafe

haslar hospital snooker room

Haslar Military Hospital is our favourite location and I have had some amazing times and experiences over the years exploring this treasure. I have met many good friends through this explore and have enjoyed being chased by security for years and being caught countless times. The place is so big and there was so much to see there at one point, the place really is iconic in the exploring community.

Keen explorers amongst you will know that the inevitable is coming very soon and the hospital will be partially knocked down and turned into luxury flats…..seems to be what they replace everything with now a days, characterless boxes for us all to live in at extortionate prices.

I have taken so many pictures there over the years and have just managed to dig out a few which were not in the main report. Showing a part off Haslar which not everyone managed to see!

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  1. The modern wood and metallic staircase is in the Senior Rates Mess which was refurbished just before I left after some five years working in the hospital circa 1998. Presume that the snooker room was in the same building. That Mess is on the list for demolishing.
    I am writing a book about the development of ex-MOD establishments around Portsmouth. Do you have higher res versions of some of your earlier trip visit? Very happy to acknowledge source.

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