Stanbridge Earls Private School

Abandoned Private School

This School is one which I have known about for years and even new people who went there as pupils at the time it was open. I also know the old gardener and groundsman from my childhood as we used to go poaching and drinking together, I haven’t seen him for many years however some of the stories he used to tell us about what the kids at the school got up to is quite shocking. I heard stories of gang bangs in the woods and stories of staff turning a blind eye to various sexual activities and assaults that seemed common place at this particular school.

I don’t want to say too much about this place as its still a work in progress and I have only managed to access about a quarter of it, if that! The bits not seen in this report are the best bits of the school unfortunately, I hope to follow this up soon with pictures of the rest of the school and buildings around it. There is a security centre there with very regular patrols and I was nearly caught a couple of times and have been caught in the past. I am exploring this one in bits due to the nature of the security and access, so expect another report soon on the remaining bits of this location.

On the day I got into this particular area of the school I had no camera with me and turns out my phone was on some god forsaken “live” setting, which I was unaware of being new to Apple products. So apologies for some of the pictures, they will be replaced when I get back there with the proper camera!


I have been back here over ten times probably since i did this this report and have manage to gain access to the swimming pool, gymnasium, squash courts and finally the main old listed building. Unfortunately it was empty and a little boring inside and bare. However the heating was on and all power etc… I was caught out by internal automatic lights in the corridors and had to run when the place got light up like a Christmas tree right opposite the security hut. I know its being turned into a retirement village and I’d say if you want to see it abandoned still you need to get there pretty sharpish people! Much of it has already been knocked down.


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  1. Not sure whether I can ask you where this is in hampshire but I was wondering as I wanted to visit there with a friend. Weve been to only two abandoned places so far and are not looking to vandalise anything only take photos.

  2. Hi, I know where this is, in fact, I work just up the road from here, if you fancy a hanger-on next time you visit, please let me know – been meaning to do this for some time and would be good before the development gets underway!

    • Hi Andy, if you are local to the area then yes you will more than likely know about this site. Please keep the location to yourself for obvious reasons (vandals, thief’s and mainly the chavs!). Would be more than happy to have you come along when we next go 🙂 send me your email as a reply to this comment, no one can see it until I approve it so don’t worry. If your local to this location you should definitely check out the abandoned restaurant and vineyard about 2/3 miles away!

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