The Abandoned University

This abandoned university was incredible and without doubt one of my favourite explores. All the power was on and the heating with working projectors, computers, televisions and working lifts. I don’t have any idea when this university closed however it cannot have been long. The new active university is only a few yards away from the abandoned one, so I presume they are waiting for planning to knock the old one down or something similar. I cannot find any history or information of any real value online about this place and don’t want to give too much away due to its condition.

The place is absolutely massive and we didn’t have time to explore the whole of it unfortunately. We knew the parts we wanted to see and headed straight for them, mainly the old lecture rooms and the archaeology science department. Once we found the science rooms I was blown away with the equipment left behind from laptops and hand held computers to test tubes, animal bones and lab tools.

There was no real signs of many people, if any exploring this place and there was defiantly no damage by kids or vandals, nothing smashed up and no sign of theft or squatters…. a rare sight. I wish we had more time here as there was lots to see and masses we missed however with another four locations on the list that day we didn’t have the time. I hear its now sealed, alarmed and secured by security from across the road at the active university….I’m not surprised!



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