Mooregreen Hospital, Southampton

“Mooregreen Hospital was built in 1848 at a cost of £7000 as the South Stoneham Union Workhouse to the designs of Charles Henman, implemented by William Hinves. The name was subsequently changed to West End Institution. At one time the workhouse employed 300 paupers to work on 20 acres of cultivated land.

In 1920, the South Stoneham Union was renamed Eastleigh. In the 1930s, the workhouse became a Public Assistance Institution known as the West End Institution, and was renamed Moorgreen Hospital when the Ministry of Health took over the site as part of the formation of the NHS in 1948.

In 1977, the UK’s second NHS palliative care hospice opened on the site, named Countess Mountbatten House. The hospice was a joint project between the Wessex Regional Health Authority and Macmillan Cancer Relief. Before 1977, all hospital palliative care was provided in acute or community hospitals, and only 20% of patients died at home.

At the time, Countess Mountbatten House was the first to offer an integrated service of beds, community care and support for hospital staff, including education of non-specialist staff and volunteers.”


This hospital had been in the news for a while due to groups of teenagers using the place as a “fight club” so it was pretty secure however once we were in all doors and out buildings were all open. There was a serious amount of fire damage in the majority of the buildings and the vandals had certainly done their work unfortunately. The morgue and the chapel of resrt were the best parts of this explore, unfortunately they were the first ones to be knocked down and are no longer there. The main building still stands however the development of flats on the site is happening and it will soon be completely gone.

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