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    Abandoned Private School

    This School is one which I have known about for years and even new people who went there as pupils at the time it was open. I also know the old gardener and groundsman from [...]
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    Haslar Hospital Snooker Room and Coasters Cafe

    Haslar Military Hospital is our favourite location and I have had some amazing times and experiences over the years exploring this treasure. I have met many good friends through this explore and have enjoyed being [...]
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    Shirley Police Station, Southampton

    This is a local police station to me and I know a fair few people who have been here before (when active) and I am sure some of you scallywags reading this may even have [...]
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    Tank Graveyard, Bordon

    Bordon military training area was and i think still is used for tank training exercises. there were fresh tanks tracks everywhere. I am aware there were once a lot more tanks here and some real [...]

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ReplyUrbexCamo 12.08.2016 22:22
Hi Jamie, oh wow the cinema is one we haven’t had much success with in the past. Have you got any pictures you could maybe post? And yeah we can go and have a mooch around sometime 🙂
ReplyUrbexCamo 12.08.2016 22:24
And welcome to the site!
ReplyTizzy 13.08.2016 15:55
ReplyUrbexCamo 13.08.2016 17:04
Molson Coors Brewery video uploading to YouTube 🙂
ReplyUrbexCamo 18.08.2016 21:04
mines on sunday? 😀
Replyurbanx 18.08.2016 23:10
Yes, Wiltshire mines on sunday if anybody fancies it.
ReplyUrbexCamo 21.08.2016 12:37
Check out our YouTube page soon for Brown’s Folly mine video!!
ReplyUrbanX 29.08.2016 10:40
Bank holiday monday whats happening?
ReplyUrbexCamo 29.08.2016 13:43
Give Jeff the run around??
ReplyTizzy 07.09.2016 12:12
Who’s exploring this weekend?! 😆
ReplyUrbexCamo 08.09.2016 16:04
Count me in sunshine!
ReplyUrbexCamo 10.09.2016 14:46
ReplyUrbanX 12.04 10:57
ReplyUrbexCamo 12.04 19:45
ReplyUrbexCamo 15.04 20:52
ReplyUrbexCamo 03.05 22:20
ReplyUrbexCamo 17.05 22:44
ReplyUrbexCamo 01.09 23:13
ReplyUrbexCamo 04.09 18:53
ReplyUrbexCamo 30.10 22:14

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