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    London’s Deep Level Shelters

    Let me take you on a journey through time throughout which, we will follow the journey of some of London’s biggest secrets. Its underground deep level shelters. We will start by going back to the [...]
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    Eastleigh Police Station

    We waited some time for Hampshire Constabulary to close another station, this one had been on the list for some time but finally it closed. Meaning we could get to do another local police station. [...]
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    Bristol Royal Infirmary Hospital

    The old Royal Infirmary at Bristol was one of the first to be founded in England outside London. Subscriptions began to be made in November 1736 and the present site was acquired shortly afterwards. The [...]
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    Liverpool Library

    This library really is a one off and has been empty and derelict for years. When it was a working library I bet it was stunning, however I think it looks even better empty, frail [...]
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    The Abandoned University

    This abandoned university was incredible and without doubt one of my favourite explores. All the power was on and the heating with working projectors, computers, televisions and working lifts. I don’t have any idea when [...]

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ReplyUrbanX 29.08.2016 10:40
Bank holiday monday whats happening?
ReplyUrbexCamo 29.08.2016 13:43
Give Jeff the run around??
ReplyTizzy 07.09.2016 12:12
Who’s exploring this weekend?! 😆
ReplyUrbexCamo 10.09.2016 14:46
ReplyUrbanX 12.04.2017 10:57
ReplyUrbexCamo 12.04.2017 19:45
ReplyUrbexCamo 15.04.2017 20:52
ReplyUrbexCamo 03.05.2017 22:20
ReplyUrbexCamo 17.05.2017 22:44
ReplyUrbexCamo 01.09.2017 23:13
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ReplyUrbexCamo 30.10.2017 22:14
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ReplyUrbexCamo 05.03.2018 22:30
ReplyUrbexCamo 09.04.2018 22:04
ReplyUrbexCamo 01.05.2018 23:17
ReplyUrbexCamo 01.06.2018 10:37
The map has been removed to stop the local tour bus. IT WILL BE BACK ONLINE SOON!
Replypaul c 27.07.2018 12:18
get in there 😉
ReplyUrbexCamo 23.08.2018 23:29
ReplyUrbanX 07.08.2023 21:45
howdy ho

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