Liverpool Library

This library really is a one off and has been empty and derelict for years. When it was a working library I bet it was stunning, however I think it looks even better empty, frail and full of pigeon shite. The access to this location was a nightmare and if it wasn’t for a good friend rescuing me I would have fallen from a window and probably broken both ankles! So thanks Adam!! It was a very tricky climb on a very busy street and with people shouting at us and buses beeping their horns it made the climb all the more stressful.

We knew there was only one or two shots in this location worth getting, however the extravagance of the place meant we had to give it a try, as well as this it was five miles away from our next location. Despite almost putting myself in a wheelchair it was a great explore and seeing the old library in this state was great, a real one of a kind.


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