Stubb House, Fareham

“This house was built after a family funeral care company in 1920 it was then later knocked down and rebuilt in 1927. It was owned for just 2 years by a lady and her 2 children but they left everything behind and moved on, sadly this property hasn’t been owned in over 80 years with no reason what so ever and I honestly doubt it ever will. Unfortunately kids have destroyed what was once a loving family home and now it is just left to rot.”

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  1. Hey. Have you got any more information about this place? Me and some buddies are planning on going there but we are confused as to whether or not it has been sealed off. Thanks in advance.


  2. This can’t be true? My grandparents rented this house about… 6 years ago and someone else rented it after them? It’s only been empty for about 4 years. Someone bought it a couple years after they moved out, but they couldn’t do anything to renovate it because it’s linked to the local farm.
    My parents still live in the village

    • Any idea why they couldn’t renovate it? Such a shame it’s got a nice bit of land with it too in a great location.

    • Hi do you know who bought it after your Grandparents? There’s so much paperwork left behind, I’ve looked through some. I just want to understand more about the history of this place. I live about a 10 minute drive from the house.

      • Hi saroarrr

        Not sure really all the information we have isn’t great. Unfortunately don’t have any pictures of it previous to it being trashed. It’s such a shame places get in that state, that could be worth millions once refurbished/ or even knocked down and rebuilt would probably be better

        • I think me and few people I went with may have made the first energy point after it was sealed off properly with the metal..

  3. I lived here in 2002. What the actual…
    Shame on the people that did this. Many happy memories of this house!!

  4. I did quite a lot of research myself, I’ve been to the house a couple of times now, I just love looking around it. I’m gutted that it’s been trashed even more now though. It’s devastating. I called about 8 different estate agents to find any kind of information – I called the number on the for sale sign that has been found there and no one knows whats happening with it. One woman said they think it is being sold for 1.5 million.

  5. I did some research myself earlier this year. They’re not selling the house, it’s being knocked down and the land is being sold off will some more of the land around it. Don’t have any sources as this was months ago but I’ll look through my emails to try and find the info again

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