Bushfield Training Camp, Winchester

“Firing Range at Bushfield Camp Looking into the open ends of two adjacent U-shaped brick walls having pits in front of them. Someone who trained as a National Serviceman at Bushfield Camp between 1951 and 1953 has confirmed that this was firing range. Bushfield Camp was an army training camp functioning during WWII and also used to train recruits to the Royal Green Jackets regiment between 1961-64. The internet is strangely silent about its history. It is totally derelict today. The area is the subject of an ongoing debate as to its future use.”

I can’t really find anymore information on this place, if you do happen to come across it please let me know!

The Visit

Well it’s fairly easy to find no restricted access. It’s a real shame these places get trashed, not much left but always still worth a visit before it’s gone. Really overgrown, graffiti everywhere. Still a few out buildings around the site worth having a little look.

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7 Comments on Bushfield Training Camp, Winchester

  1. Hi UrbanX,

    We are looking to film at the Bushfield Army Camp near Winchester and we were enquiring how it is you went about asking for permission? Also, we are still unaware of where it actually is so would love some feedback from you. Great pictures by the way.

    Kind regards,

    Thomas Young

  2. I spent about two months basic training at Bushfield (National Service). Joined KRRC and left for Minden West Germany as a rifleman in the 1st Rifle Brigade.
    I was fed on arrival with a corn beef sandwich smothered in ketchup – I hate ketchup. January 20th 1949

  3. Hi, my mother was based there in 1947 in the WAF undertaking admin duties among other things. She is now 91. I will forward this page to her, she will find it very interesting

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