The Carlton Hotel, Isle of Wight

November 2, 2016 UrbexCamo 0

“After more than 34 years as a family run coaching hotel, The Carlton’s doors have now closed for the last time. But instead of leaving the esplanade hotel to become an empty eyesore, owners CHG […]

Padded Cell and ‘G’ Block

October 23, 2016 UrbexCamo 0

This is the psychiatric ward otherwise known as ‘G’ Block of the Royal Hospital Haslar. ‘G’ Block mainly served as the Psychiatric Block of the hospital following the move of the Asylum from the ground […]

Old Boat Builders, Bosham

September 17, 2016 UrbexCamo 1

This old boat builders yard is right on the edge of destruction. It has been set on fire numerous times and trashed beyond belief. All I know of this place is that it was used […]

Old Warehouse, Southampton

September 6, 2016 Tizzy 4

119 & 120-122 High Street, there where 3 buildings to this explore all of which were easy to get into. Unfortunately there was no information about this place online, so if you have any information […]

Molson Coors Brewery, Alton

August 30, 2016 UrbanX 5

The Molson Coors Brewing Company is a North American brewing company, formed in 2005 by the merger of Molson of Canada, and Coors of the United States. It is the world’s seventh largest brewer by volume. There […]

Sports Direct, Southampton

August 30, 2016 Tizzy 0

The New Sports Direct, Southampton. Here’s another building explored due to the lack of people closing doors behind them on the roofs. We literally have to climb a roof and look no further these days. […]

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