“Yellow Pipes” Church

Abandoned since 2006 “Yellow Pipes” is the name given to this church to hide its location (not named by us). I have never explored an abandoned church before because I didn’t really see much point as they all look abandoned anyway, even the ones in use and once you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all really. However I was so wrong, this church blew me away with its extravagance inside and the statues, stone and marble work was just incredible.

Access was a bit of a tricky one so I wasn’t expecting to get in at first as it was tightly sealed. It was a real nice surprise however after a bit of work and once we were both finally in safely. This was a great place for pictures and was nice to see it untouched and not smashed to a thousand pieces. Also lots of funeral cards left behind here from 2000-2006 which was really sad looking through them seeing all the people who passed through here at one point, didn’t take pictures of them obviously.

The oddest thing about this place was all the fireworks left laying on the alters and on the statues, all new and hadn’t been set off. Obviously removed them as it would be devastating if this incredible building was set on fire and seemed imminent with a box of fireworks scattered about the whole place ready to go.



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