Park hotel, Southampton

“This hotel was one of the first explores I’ve done, With the demolition already in progress access was the easiest yet. As we entered the main reception we noticed the floors had been pulled up so we had to put our balancing to the test and walk along the wooden beams. Most rooms where filled with junk that had been collected up from all around the hotel there where rooms in which had been destroyed and some that we couldn’t walk in due to the rotting floors. Although this place was being demolished there where still some pretty cool parts to explore but We didn’t stay long because we wanted to explore other places, but we did go again a month later and the place was pretty much knocked down leaving only the reception and the lobby.”


Park hotel was built in the 1960’s and from then on it became a very popular venue, In Fact the Cumberland Place venue overlooking Watts Park was one of the city’s most well-known hotels and was a popular hotel for Saints players and stars performing at the Mayflower Theatre. But sadly in 2015 it all came to an end and this is how it was left.

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