Padded Cell and ‘G’ Block

This is the psychiatric ward otherwise known as ‘G’ Block of the Royal Hospital Haslar.

‘G’ Block mainly served as the Psychiatric Block of the hospital following the move of the Asylum from the ground floor of the now ‘E’ Block. This building has also served as a Nurses home and then returned to the Psychiatric service once more.

I have been inside this padded cell a few times now but it never feels quite normal going inside and asking a friend to lock you in. Ironically its very peaceful and calming being inside.

This is the only padded cell I have ever been in and I am sure I will never get the chance to see another in my life. There are not many, if any of these left now. I am aware this cell was made by the Pocock Brothers and is a real piece of history and a thing of beauty. The ward was established in 1910 and contained the one padded cell and two wards with around twenty beds at the time.

When faith is kneeling by his bed of death”

(old writing on wall of cell)









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