Fraser Gunnery Range, Portsmouth

Fraser Gunnery Range

Fraser Gunnery Range, formerly HMS St George is a former shore establishment for the Royal Navy, which closed during the 1980s. The site is currently derelict, and may be redeveloped into housing in the future.

The adjacent Fort Cumberland was also originally in use by the Royal Marine Artillery, but was vacated in 1971 and is now an archaelogical centre.

The buildings and beach are currently owned by QinetQ, and though the latter has always been used by the public it is actually private; there are plans by the local community (FBAG) to have it registered and preserved as a public area.


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  1. My uncle Trevor Chapple was one of the officers in charge of Fraser before it closed. He gave me and my cousin a tour of the base in the early 1980s. He even let us both have a go on the sea cat missile trainer which was amazing for a couple of young teenagers! The room was like a massive IMAX screen which had a small white plane projected on it and your ‘missile’ was a white dot you steered with a thumb controller whilst looking through a mock up of the gunnery sights. The sea cat was old hat even back then, the sea wolf was largely replacing it which was self guided.

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