Double Murder House and Puppy Farm

This House is the location where a man ran a puppy farm and shot dead his partner and her daughter in February of 2014, it has been abandoned ever since. There is loads of stuff to read about this place if you search online. There is also a video online of the news report showing helicopter footage and playing the actual 999 call made by the step daughter of the murderer.

Having read all about this place before we got there it made it all the more thought provoking walking around there. We went to both locations where the mother and daughter were shot, one was the back of the house and the other in the dining room of the house.

There were cages everywhere and not just for dogs, for birds also by the looks of things. Some of the cages were massive and they were in every area of the property stacked on top of each other. I know its been abandoned for a while but you can tell that the condition of those poor animals can not have been good at the time.


An elderly dog breeder is likely to die in jail after he was sentenced to at least 25 years for shooting his partner and her daughter dead at his puppy farm.”

“Four years ago we showed how he was breeding scores of dogs at his premises and selling puppies in poor condition to unsuspecting members of the public. Many puppies fell ill within days of leaving the kennels and some died. After our first programme in 2004 John Lowe’s licence to breed puppies was taken away by the local council. A year later he appeared before Guildford Magistrates and pleaded guilty to a number of offences including breeding dogs without a licence. He was disqualified from keeping a breeding establishment for two years.”

John Lowe, 82, was found guilty of murdering 66-year-old Christine Lee and her daughter Lucy Lee, 40, with his shotgun at his home near Farnham, Surrey, in February. Sentencing Lowe at Guildford Crown Court, Mr Justice Singh praised the “extraordinary courage” of Lucy Lee after she returned to face her killer following a frantic 999 call on the day of the shootings. Lowe, flanked by three security officers, winked at his supporters in the public gallery as he was led from the dock.

Mr Justice Singh said Lowe “lost his temper” when he took out his shotgun on February 23 to kill Christine Lee. “She died of a single shot wound to the chest fired at close range from above,” the judge said.

“Lucy was able to use her mobile phone to make a frantic and desperate call to the emergency services on 999.

“She said that you had shot her mum and that she feared that you were going to shoot her as well.

“Nevertheless, in an act of extraordinary courage, she went back to see if there was anything she could do to help her mother.”

Mr Justice Singh said that, having heard the evidence, he had come to the “clear conclusion” that Lowe intended to kill Mrs Lee and her daughter.

“You are a man well used to handling and firing shotguns,” he said.

“On the evidence heard at the trial, I have formed the view that having killed Christine Lee, you shot Lucy Lee in the back of her head after she made the 999 call, then reloaded your gun and pursued her outside the cottage, with the intention of making sure that this time she died.”

He was sentenced to life imprisonment for a minimum of 25 years for the murders, and a sentence of 10 years for possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life, to run concurrently.

Double Murder House and Puppy Farm

Double Murder House and Puppy Farm

Double Murder House and Puppy Farm

Double Murder House and Puppy Farm

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