Abandoned Warehouse, Totton

So we actually came across this abandoned warehouse in totton by mistake. I was taking my car to the garage one day and happened to notice this place. So finally i actually got round to going back and having a look. I can’t seem to find any history of this place, Theres been some heavy fire damage to the offices and kids have absolutely trashed it. Is a real shame, but was still worth a little look.


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  1. So I found this site this evening, and love it. When I stumbled on this page I recognised the place from having to walk past it when I used to live in Totton. So as you said there was little history available I tried to find some. I first located the site on Google Maps, then searched for history of the road name. This took me to Councillor David Harrison’s website, where he mentions redevelopment work has been approved. So I checked the New Forest council’s website for the planning permission where I found the site was an old storage yard run/owned by a chap called M. Fenwick, who still has some commercial/ownership rights to the land until at least 2020 from what I could work out. It was apparently known as the imaginatively titled Fenwick’s Storage Yard.
    There are 106 documents on the planning section of the council’s website ( http://planning.newforest.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=_NEWFO_DCAPR_203774 ) of which I’ve only been through a couple to confirm it’s the right location. But that would explain the eclectic collection of stuff you found there.

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